Sterling Silver top Walking Sticks

Terence Stringer

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1/12th.Scale Nickel Figures


1/12th.Scale Paintings


1/12th.Scale Wooden Nesting Russian Dolls


1/12th.Scale Wooden Boxes


1/12th.Scale Wooden Buildings with Tiny People


1/12th. Scale Wooden Hand Screens


1/12th.&1/24th.Scale Wooden Draught Screens


1/12th. & 1/24th. Scale Wooden Dummy Boards


1/12th. & 1/24th. Scale Wooden Fire Screens


1/12th.&1/24th.Scale Small Paintings


1/12th.Scale Wooden Solid Dolls


1/12th.Scale Wooden Acorns


1/12th.Scale Wooden Kokeshi Dolls


1/12th.Scale Wooden Mice


1/12th.&1/24th. Scale Wooden Eggs & Boxes


1/12th.Scale Wooden Christmas Items


1/12th. Scale Walking Sticks


1/12th.Scale Desk Accessories


1/12th.&1/24th.Scale Candle Sticks


1/24th.Scale Various


1/12th. Scale Various (1)


1/12th..Scale Various (2)