Terence Stringer

About Us

Terence and Heather are based in what is sometimes called the forgotten middle of Norfolk. England. We have been making Miniatures full time now for twenty years.

In the 1970’s without any previous knowledge of Dolls Houses and Miniatures Terence decided to make a Dolls House for his God daughter and her sister, it was to be a replica of their home in Cornwall. By sheer chance the scale used was one inch to one foot the internationally recognised scale, at the time it just seemed logical.

We were introduced to the larger than life world of Dolls Houses and Miniatures by Angela Turner. We met Angela while exhibiting our quarter scale Furniture in Cornwall. We moved to Cornwall after opting out of the rat race working in London and in the early days were given much valued advice and encouragement by Angela, Caroline Hamilton and June Stowe.

Terence “the maker” is mainly self taught, both with his Wood Turning and Silversmithing.

Heather “the painter” spent three years at college studying Fashion and Design along with other art related subjects and is the creative one.

We are always making new Miniatures and both have numerous items in our notebooks that we would like to make, it is just a matter of finding the time.